Listen to Timeless Cool Funk by JayKey ft. Charlie Foster:

The Story

Inspired by Chill Time & Timeless Funky …

One day I was in the car listening to an old CD with funky songs from the 80’s. When I came home, I immediately went to the studio because I got an idea for cool funky groove. Not even in one hour cool Groove – Drums, Percussion & Bass was born. I thought it was so cool to listen this groove in a loop as background music. When I talked to my friend (Charlie Foster) on the phone and this track was running in the background, he asked me to send him the track. The next day he sends me a cool harmony and melody for this track. Typical electric piano sound from the 80’s and velvet melody sound gives the track an incredible cool touch. That’s why it’s called “Timeless Cool Funk“!
Furthermore, in this song the so-called binaural technique (binaural recording and mixing) was used. Therefore I recommend everyone to listen to this track with a good quality headphones!
I think it can be used for any video as a non-disturbing background track.

I hope you’ll like it too!


Timeless Cool Funk

Release Date : 09/08/2020
Artist : JayKey ft. Charlie Foster
Catalog ref. : AND-20200725-SR03JKTCF-R7797
Format : Digital Download