JayKey – Seashores 4 – Rock Beach 2


Original composition “Relax-Ambience-Meditation” Audiotrack by JayKey. Read more details below: What You Get?
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What You Get?

With purchase of “JayKey – Seashores 4 – Rock Beach 2” relax-meditation audiotrack you get original composition track by JayKey . This relaxing Music composition can be used for Relaxing Time, Meditation Time, Yoga Time, Sleep Time, Chill Out Time, etc. You can use it also for your video project or any kind of video backgrounds. Please check our Terms & Conditions and choose right License for you. This track was recorded, mixed & mastered by AudioNetStudio Switzerland.

Inside "JayKey - Seashores 4 - Rock Beach 2" download:

1x JayKey – “Seashores 4 – Rock Beach 2” *.mp3 file – Bitrate: 320 kBit/s
1x Your License *.txt file

1x Art Cover “Seashores 4 – Rock Beach 2” *.jpeg file – 2000 x 2000px
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Length: 12:57 min
Tempo: 84 BPM

Scale: Cmi
Instruments: Bamboo Flute, Woman & Human Voices, Bellstring, Acoustic Strings, Acoustic Piano, Arps, Synthesizers Pads, Drums & Percussions

Watch video: "JayKey - Seashores 4 - Rock Beach 2" on YouTube

Story & Inspiration:

A very nice videoloop of rocks in the Middle of the Ocean with soothing audiotrack “Rock Beach 2”. The simple and beautiful earworm melody repeats almost through the whole track and yet is not boring for me…
I think, that this audiotrack or parts of track can be used for any movie, timelapse, corporate presentation video or as a background track and any kind of background music.
I hope you like it too!
Music production: From a musical point of view it is somehow a mix between relax, ambience, dream, sleeping, chill, meditation and inspiration. I use a special “Bamboo flute”, nice soft bellstring, woman & human voices, acoustic strings, acoustic piano, arpeggiator, synthesizers pads, drums & percussions to create this audiotrack.
All musical instruments was played and arranged by myself and recorded & mixed in AudioNetStudio Switzerland.
– JayKey –

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Additional information

Type of Licenses

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Audiotrack Info

Bitrate *.mp3 : 320 kBit/s
Length: 12:57 min
Tempo: 84 BPM
Scale: Cmi
Instruments: Bamboo Flute, Bellstring, Woman & Human Voices, Acoustic Strings, Acoustic Piano, Arps, Synthesizers Pads, Drums & Percussions


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