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License Agreement:

1. Please select your license type first, which is suitable for your use here: Type Of Licenses. If you purchase a product from, you will receive a license of your choice.

2. All products from are sold as “royalty free”, which means that they are licensed by, not sold to you. By making payment for a product you are granted the right to incorporate them in a music production, film, tv program, website or other media production, without paying any additional royalties, license fees, or any other fees to or any third parties.

3. By using products you agree to:
– 3.1 not republish material from (includes republication on another website), sell, rent, sub-license any material from,
– 3.2 show any material from in public, reproduce, duplicate, copy or otherwise exploit material on for a commercial purpose,
– 3.3 edit, otherwise modify or redistribute any material from on any other website,
– 3.4 except for content/material specifically and expressly made available for distribution and redistribution.

4. By purchasing a product from you are granted the right to use the enclosed sounds for your own musical productions. A valid email address must be supplied to upon purchase of products.

5. Products purchased from are non-refundable. Once you have opted in to buy the product you are in effect purchasing a license to use the content in your music without paying royalties to the owner, which therefore cannot be refunded.

“FREE Stuff Download” from AudioNetDesign Shop:

1. All Free Stuff – Loops, Grooves, Samples, Sounds, EFX, MIDI-Files, Presets, Banks, Plug-Ins, Tracks & Songs are free to download and free to private using.
2. If you’re Producer, Musician or DJ and want using AudioNetDesign “Free Stuff” for your next Project/Song, please first ask us via Email for additional license. In the rules, you will be asked for a coffee donation via PayPal to: donation(at)audionetdesign(dot)com.

Another Free AudioNetDesign Download:

1. Wallpapers, Pictures, Audios & Videos FREE Download, etc. are free to download and free to private using.
2. If you download some Freebies from us and you’re owner of website please set a Backlink to website like this:

<a title=”AudioNetDesign – Songs, Sounds, Tracks, Samples & Special Effects Download” target=”_blank” href=””>AudioNetDesign – High Quality Audiofiles For Everyone!</a>

<a title=”AudioNetDesign – free download of Tracks, Loops & Sounds” target=”_blank” href=””>AudioNetDesign – Free Audio Download!</a>

<a title=”AudioNetDesign – free download of Audio, Tracks, Loops & Sounds, Midifiles & Synth Presets” target=”_blank” href=””>AudioNetDesign – Free Download of Audio, Tracks, Loops & Sounds, Midifiles & Synth Presets!</a>

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