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Can I redownload my files?

Yes! After purchase (or Free Download!) you will be able download your files automatically. You get also an Email with download link and you can also Login in your AudioNetDesign Account and download your files again. However, for security reasons, back up your files secure on your computer or external harddrive. If you have a problem with download or login, please contact us.

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept in the moment only PayPal! But, PayPal accept any Credit or Prepaid Cards or Bank Transfer. If you don’t have already PayPal Account, you can make one here: Make New Paypal Account.

Is the Demo included?

No! Why do you need it too? You get in the download package better quality audio files like in the Demo! Finally, you can anytime hear Demo here on AudioNetDesign website…

You offer every *.wav only in 1411 kBit/s quality. Is there a possibility to get a better quality?

Yes! If you purchase our Audiotrack, Timelapse or Song with “Commercial License” or “Exclusive License” and you need a better *.wav quality files, please contact us.
Note: Please write your wish quality file format and copy your license code in email. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Which software versions do you use?

We test all products at the time (file release date) with current software versions. For each product you will find in the description “Important” note, with minimum requirements. In the rules, you should also always use the latest software versions to use all our products flawlessly.

What Editor program do I need?

For MIDI sequences you need one MIDI Editor program like Cubase, LogicPro, etc.
If you want edit audio samples you need one Audio Editor program like Steinberg WaveLab, iZotope RX Audio Editor, CoolEditPro, etc.

Are your products PC/Mac compatible?

Yes! All products are PC & Mac Compatible and works fine in DAW’s like: Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, FL-Studio etc.
If you find some bugs, please contact us!

Why does the Demotrack sound better than my purchased file?

It may be that some parts in our Demotracks were edited with external effects such as EQ, Dynamics, Chorus, Reverb, Delay or Vocoder.

Do you need a help?

If you purchase any product from AudioNetDesign Shop and need help, please contact us!
For all Freebies will be given no support and no reply Email! Thank you for your understanding!


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