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About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiastic, experienced and professional musicians. Each of us: JayKey, Charlie Foster & JBH Bobo – plays and composes music on various stages and studios for more than 30 years. Read more bellow about our professional experiences.

What are we doing?

We compose, arrange, record, mix and produce our own songs and tracks, program and test old and new hardware and software synthesizers (make patches), sample and edit sounds, develop loops and experiment with new sound technologies. As far as our time and financial possibilities allow, we are spending every minute of our life for Music and Sounddesign!

Our Mission?

Many of our download products can be seen as inspiration for young musicians. Of course we are happy about every download and financial support we can get. We hope that you will have a lot of fun with our music compositions and download audio material.


I started the AudioNetStudio Project 2012 like a private “Home-Studio” Audiorecording in Switzerland.

I studied classical music in the 70s. But like every teenager, also me rebelled under the motto: “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll” and tried to play modern music in the 70s and 80s.
After graduation, I played Guitar, Bass, Keyboards & Vocals, like a professional musician live on stage and in the music studios for over 10 years with various bands and many international artists around the world. In this great time – The Best Time Of My Life –  I got a lot of Studio & Live-Stage experiences.

For over 40 years I compose music, tracks, songs, programm synthesizers, make grooves, beats and stems and write lyrics too. But my childhood dream was always to own a small private home Music Studio to publish my own songs, tracks & compositions without censorship. This childhood dream finally came true in 2013.
Finally, with today’s technology, I can compose, arrange, play, record, mix and produce everything by myself.

Charlie Foster

I’m a professional solo pianist for the past 35 years and I have been and still am also an active member of various Jazz, Blues, Dixieland and modern formations.
Thanks to my long live and studio experience, I have now a large repertoire in various styles such as jazz, latino, classics, blues, pop, rock, evergreen, cinema music, musicals, oldies, operettes. etc.

When time allows, I work in collaboration with other musicians on a variety of music projects with different formats – designed for both live and studio music.
Moreover of course, over the years I have been composing and recording classical, cinematic and modern music in my own privat studio as well as in international studios.

JBH - Bobo

I’m a guitarist, composer, professional studio and live musician for over 40 years. I recorded songs with many international artists that have sold over 3.5 million LPs and CDs.
From 1997 to 2007, I worked as an endorser for Fender Guitars Europe. I cooperated with Fender company – with Eric Johnson, John Meyer on NAMM Music Show Anaheim and Music Messe Frankfurt. Since 2001 I work like endorser with T.C. Electronic, since 2007 for PRS Guitars company and since 2012 also for Strymon and Majik Box (with Paul Gilbert and Doug Aldrich in Slovakia and Czech Republic). For PaulReedSmith Guitars company I presentated newest models guitars amd amplifiers together with Mark Tremonti, Orianthi, Paul Reed Smith and Dave Grisson on NAMM Music Show Anaheim and Frankfurt Music Messe Europe.

Guitar sound must be always great!
I play on FractalAudio gears for many years, but 3 years ago I get my real treasure 🙂 – FractalAudio AXE-Fx II(!). In my professional musician careers I used many pedals, effects, amps and boxes, but this unbelievable Multi Effect Processor give me endless possibilities and soul freedom.
I programed all my patches myself and from time to time I produce patches also for my friends and different FractalAudio gears – AXE Fx-II XL, AX8 Amp modeler, FX8 Multi-effects pedalboard.

In the studio and live concert, you must get always the best sound!


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