NEW Category Audiotracks: Relax - Meditation

Lately I have spent a lot of time watching very interesting videos. Hours of background music to hours of long videos – some 3-4 hours! It has something in it!
And this has inspired me to create a new genre – “Relax & Meditation” as a new category in my shop.

Since I always have a lot of music ideas, it was pretty easy to write new music pieces. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to keep the “classical” song structure and you can just let your imagination run wild. You can just record noises or just simple harmonies or just mix them together. It is only important not to disturb the viewer or listener unnecessarily. Also the track length is not important. Because for video, drone recordings or timelapse tracks there is no prescribed minimum or maximum track length. You can simply repeat the audiotrack or cut it correctly and adjust it to the desired length.

Such “compositions” are not very valuable from a musical point of view, but they serve their purpose. It is very interesting to know that such audiotracks can also be used as background music for various occasions, or to meditate, relax, fall asleep, work or just chill and relax.
In the beginning I produced a few audio tracks from various genres, like classical music, jazz, pop, ambience, chill, etc. Let’s see, which genre will be the most popular. I already have dozens more relax audiotracks in preparation. You can already look forward to new “Relax – Meditation” audiotracks.

I hope that this new Audiotracks category “Relax – Meditation” will be very useful for many video, movie & timelapse tracks maker worldwide. Enjoy it!
– JayKey –

Many Thanks for all Audiotracks “Relax – Meditation” to: AudioNetStudio Switzerland.

Relax - Meditation

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