I would like to give you here with this article only a few tips how and where you can save a lot of money and so you can reach your final step faster.

First of all, you should save a few links in your favorites and of course visit them regularly – check them out. It could be that you find there exactly what you have been looking for or needing for a long time and can thus save a lot of money.
VSTBuzz Software Deals – absolutely look at this and regularly check!
PluginBoutique – the best deals from various software vendors
AudioPluginDeals – great software plugin deals
PluginDiscounts – great software plugin deals
Loopmasters – Sounds & Loops deals
SampleLogic – great synths for NI Kontakt
Waves – great effect plugins.

Second, you should have a little patience and catch the right time. This may be a little more difficult, but the way I see it, it’s really worth it! Again and again each manufacturer offers various discounts to the various season – up to 90%! But I think, if you can save “any penny” it’s a Deal! And the best offers are on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Christmas Sales, NewYear Sales, Eastern, Summer Sales or Anniversary Sales.

I have invested a lot of money as a private person in my private music studio. Whether in hardware or software. In the beginning I bought everything I thought I needed. However, with time I realized that many things in the short time would be offered much cheaper and I could possibly wait a little bit with my purchases. If I have to be honest, some things I really don’t need until today.
It’s quite normal that music technology is constantly evolving – and it’s a good thing! Many hardware instruments or software tools are replaced relatively quickly today because of new versions or other models. You have to think very carefully about what you really need for your work and what you would like to work with. Otherwise it will be an expensive story…

But what I wanted to say, not everything that is new, expensive or too cheap, you absolutely need for your work. From my own experiences I can only say, it is nice to have many things, but you won’t get on much faster. Just like with hardware and software, you have to sit down and learn to use it. During this time you can rather record your musical ideas and implement them with creativity.

When I think back a few decades now, I almost feel sick. When I bought my first expensive guitar multieffect (Boss ME-5), first hardware synthesizer (Roland D110) or my first hardware sequencer (Roland MC-500) … I spent as much time as I could on using it and understanding how it all works, you might think I slept with it…
Today you can buy everything much cheaper and do even more with it. I would say that the work goes much faster now if you have the right hardware instruments and software tools. Of course the big question is, what the hell the “right things” are. But everyone has to answer this question for himself!


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