AND MIDI Loops / Sequences – MIDI-Mix Vol.1

Make music with MIDI sequences is very simple and efficient, if an idea needs to be taken quickly. But it can also serve to inspiration. Also to sample loops such as drums, basslines, synth parts, etc. are frequently used MIDI sequences. Quite simply, MIDI sequences are very practical and versatile. MIDI sequences have become very popular in recent times for amateur and professional musicians.

I remember the times when I use the hardware sequencer from Roland (think MC-500 MKII), each part, each note I recorded live and then edit a few parameters on the small display… It was really a hard work!

Now you can simply insert drag and drop into any software program sequences and later, if necessary make post-editing. On the Internet you can find and download now thousands of MIDI files, MIDI Loops or MIDI sequences for free.
We offer a mix selection of excellent sequences for free download. Later, we will offer other packets sorted by music styles. Listen to our demo track where all sequences are included in the package. There are only inserted in succession sequences – it’s not a song! Perhaps a better example of using MIDI sequences, you can listen our demos from our FREE download of virtual synthesizer patches for:
Lennar Digital – Sylenth1
Waldorf – Largo
Reveal Sound – Spire
Waldorf – PPG Wave 3V

What you get?

With the AND MIDI Loops / Sequences – MIDI-Mix Vol.1 you get a 20 excellent MIDI Sequences for FREE! You will find in the *.zip file following 20 MIDI Sequences programmed by

  • AND-DANCE-Pluck-011-Es
  • AND-DANCE-Pluck-045-Es
  • AND-DANCE-Pluck-071-Es-V1
  • AND-DANCE-Pluck-072-Esmi-V1
  • AND-DRUMS-043-130BPM-BREAK-1
  • MELODY-Pluck-061-Es
  • MELODY-Pluck-062-Es
  • MELODY-Pluck-063-Es
  • AND-HOUSE-Bass-033-Ami-V1
  • AND-HOUSE-Pluck-031-E-V1
  • AND-HOUSE-Pluck-032-Esmi-V1
  • AND-HOUSE-Pluck-033-Ami-V3
  • AND-TRANCE-Pluck-041-Esmi-V1
  • AND-TRANCE-Pluck-051-Dmi
  • AND-TRANCE-Riff-011-Es-V1
  • AND-TRANCE-Riff-013-Es-V1
  • AND-TRANCE-Riff-051-Dmi-V1
  • AND-WHOO-Chord-021-D-V3

You can listen the demo & download all sequences for free here:

Many thanks for download!

Please read carefully “READ ME” File inside package and our Terms & Conditions!

You need one MIDI Editor programm to change sequences!


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