16x Sound Patches for Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V Synthesizer

Who has not heard of PPG Wave Synthesizers?

In my opinion PPG Wave is one of the “dino” among the synthesizers. I remember even back then in the middle of 80’s was PPG Wave one of the most respected high-end synthesizers and described as something supernatural.

PPG Wave was also tremendously expensive and not affordable for most musicians, because the price was over $10’000. PPG Wave 2.2 Synthesizers were actually available only in the best music studios. Only the superstars like: Stevie Wonder, Jean Michel Jarre, Level 42, Depeche Mode, Steve Winwood, Ultravox, Trevor Horn, Alphaville, Marillion, etc. have played on and recorded with these synthesizers.
Virtual synthesizers Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V and Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V (compare here) are the reincarnation of the legendary PPG Wave Synthesizer like software version for any computer freaks. And the best thing is the fact, that you paid not even $200 for fantastic sound.
With PPG Wave you get a really cool experiment – try it out.

We have created one package with a couple of sounds for PPG Wave 3.V software synthesizer and you can download them for free! We hope you have a fun with and for one or the other might be useful. Just listen the demotrack, download it if you want and let you inspiring by Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V sounds.

What you get?

With the “AND Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V Pack Vol.1” you get a 16 excellent Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V VST Synthesizer sound patches for FREE! You will find in the *.zip file one “AND PPG-Wave-3V-Bank-01.fxb” with following great sounding 16 sound patches (*.fxp) for Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V programmed by

  • AND PPG-Chimes-Bell-03
  • AND PPG-Chimes-Bell-04
  • AND PPG-Fat-Chimes-03
  • AND PPG-Mono-Lead-07
  • AND PPG-Pad-Sphere-07
  • AND PPG-Piano-01
  • AND PPG-Sequence-01
  • AND PPG-Sequence-02
  • AND PPG-Strings-21
  • AND PPG-SynBass-11
  • AND PPG-Trance-Pluck-07
  • AND PPG-Trance-Strings-16
  • AND PPG-Voice-Pad-01
  • AND PPG-Walking-Bass-09
  • AND PPG-Wave-11
  • AND PPG-Whistle-Male-01

You can listen the demo & download all patches for free here:

Many thanks for download!

Please read carefully “READ ME” File inside package and our Terms & Conditions!

Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V
or higher is required!

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