16x Sound Patches for Waldorf Largo Synthesizer

Waldorf Largo Synthesizer is a truly monstrous modern machine! Powerful, with many choices and very modern sound. You could almost say it is a successor of the legendary PPG Wave Synthesizer
Waldorf Largo Software Synth crossing the technology of both great Waldorf instruments Blofeld and Q hardware synthesizers. Last but not least, with three oscillators and two of them with sub oscillators, include classic analog waveforms from PPG Wave and Waldorf Wave, produce Largo in the multimode a really “FAT SOUND MACHINE” sound.

When I heard first time a couple of Waldorf Largo demos on the net, I was immediately convinced that Largo is the king’s class as a production machine of exclusive EDM sound.

Many professional musicians and studios use this excellent software module to produce unforgettable great sounds. But with the Largo software synth is one small catch, anyway…
You really need a very fast CPU that you can use all features at the same time. Waldorf Largo Synth resources are indeed much better than the PPG Wave 3V, but it could be even better. Waldorf Largo still needs a lot of processor power! Also starting of several Largo modules (testing in Cubase 7) takes quite too long.
What a shame…

We have created one package with a couple of sounds for Waldorf Largo software synthesizer and you can download them for free! We hope you have a fun with and for one or the other might be useful. Just listen the demotrack, download it if you want and let you inspiring by Waldorf Largo sounds.

What you get?

With the “AND Waldorf Largo Pack Vol.1” you get a 16 excellent Waldorf Largo VST Synthesizer sound patches for FREE! You will find in the *.zip file one “AND-Largo-Bank-01.fxb” bank with following great sounding 16 sound patches (*.fxp) programmed by

  • AND Largo-Alaska-Pad-1
  • AND Largo-Drive-Bass-1
  • AND Largo-Heaven-Voices-1
  • AND Largo-House-Bass-Gum-1
  • AND Largo-Pluck-Bell-1
  • AND Largo-Pluck-Electric-1
  • AND Largo-Synth-Solo-1
  • AND Largo-Synth-Strings-1
  • AND Largo-Pluck-Fat-1
  • AND Largo-Pluck-Gum-1
  • AND Largo-Pluck-Mid-1
  • AND Largo-Seq-Pad-1
  • AND Largo-Space-Ocean-1
  • AND Largo-Sub-Bass-1
  • AND Largo-Trance-Pad-1
  • AND Largo-Whistle-Pan-1

You can listen the demo & download all patches for free here:

Many thanks for download!

Please read carefully “READ ME” File inside package and our Terms & Conditions!

Waldorf Largo version 1.5
or higher is required!

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