Welcome To AudioNetDesign!

Welcome To AudioNetDesign!

Hi all!
I’m very pride to present you my new Music Website and:
“Welcome to my new AudioNetDesign.com website!”

After long time I’m back to the music!
Almost one year I was very busy with setup of my studio equipment. You can only imagine how many problems I have to solve (hardware & software), that everything works fine the way you want finally. And of wiring I do not even want to talk… 😉
I’ve set up a small, modern, digital, gigabit network studio!

Finally I have my website design and shop brought technically ready. For opening I wrote a few blog post and made a few things ready for download. You can watch what is there to download, if you are interested.

At the moment I’m very busy with audio recordings. It may be, that it need a while until I post new stuff again. It doesn’t matter, but certainly a lot of new track will be available for download then. For each track, song, sound, samples, Synthpatch or MIDI sequence you will also find download link either internally on my website or external website like iTunes, Amazon or on AudioJungle Online Market. So stay tuned and watch them from time to time inside my Blog and/or Online Shop.

It was delighted if you connect with my Social Networks.

I recently heard this joke, and I think it fits the opening of my website:

Dream Of Each Musician:

  • 1. SetUp Studio!
  • 2. Write Great Songs!
  • 3. Become Famous & Rich!…
  • 4. … 😉 … 🙂 … 😉 …
  • Stay tuned, healthy and think positive!

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