Tone Frequencies & Piano GM Standard Drum Map

Tone Frequencies & Piano GM Standard Drum Map

If you’re working in professional music studio or homestudio, you need to know a couple of important things about frequencies.
At first, I create my own Infographics with tone frequencies on piano keys. Naturally, if you are componist, is also very important knowledge about music instruments frequency scala.
But this is theme for another posting.

Homerecorder & Sampler Freaks

I’m sure, that for many homerecorder can be also GM Standard Drum Map very useful. On every drum machine and keyboard with drums sets you can find the same drum sound instrument on the same keynote.
If you works with sampler machine, can be very practical, that you take your own drums samples the same keynote. Then you can in your own track just switching between standard midi drumset and you own sample soundset.
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