AND Latino Loops 01

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AND Latino Loops 01

All these sounds were created and edited with AKAI Renaissance Sampler. Sound samples was created from Natural Sound Module: Ketron SD-1000.
You can hear in my Salsa Demo-Tracks all 8x Loop after Loop and Samba Demo-Track all 4x Loop after Loop. All Loops are like: *.wav file with Bitrate: 4608 kBit/s. For better download I created 3 Download Packs:


What you Get?

Inside AND Latino Loops 01 Pack:
Salsa Loops 100 BPM
Latino Loop Salsa 1 (LatinoSalsa01.wav)
Latino Loop Salsa 2 (LatinoSalsa02.wav)
Latino Loop Salsa 3 (LatinoSalsa03.wav)
Latino Loop Salsa 4 (LatinoSalsa04.wav)
Latino Loop Salsa 5 (LatinoSalsa05.wav)
Latino Loop Salsa 6 (LatinoSalsa06.wav)
Latino Loop Salsa 7 (LatinoSalsa07.wav)
Latino Loop Salsa 8 (LatinoSalsa08.wav)
Samba Loops 120 BPM
Latino Loop Samba 1 (LatinoSamba01.wav)
Latino Loop Samba 2 (LatinoSamba02.wav)
Latino Loop Samba 3 (LatinoSamba03.wav)
Latino Loop Samba 4 (LatinoSamba04.wav)

Feel free to download my AND Latino Loops 01 Pack. Please read carefully “READ ME” File inside package and my Terms Of Use.

Good to know:
  • You need one Audio/MIDI Editor program to change MIDI sequences/loops;
  • Works fine in: Cubase, Logic Pro, Cakewalk, Ableton, Reason, Pro Tools, Samplitude, Emagic, GarageBand, Studio One, Reaper, MixCraft, FL-Studio etc.;
  • Just open, copy, import or grab drag & drop MIDI files in your sequencer software;
  • PC & Mac Compatible;
  • For all Freebies will be given no support and no reply Email;
  • It may be that some parts in this Demotrack were edited with external effects such as EQ, Dynamics, Chorus, Reverb, Delay or Vocoder, etc.

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