Music Network Logos Download

Music Network Logos Download

Many Thanks for all Music Logos Creation, great and quickly update and support to: PPDesign Switzerland.

Maybe you have already visited my “Music Network” page with lots of music logos and direct links to websites.
I always wanted to have my own music directory with music hardware, software and tools manufacturers. So I can easily in each category quickly see also relevant equivalents. Sometimes I just forget the name of product or company and I’m eventually focused only on “Google search selections”. Meanwhile, I have extended the Logo Network Directory to over 700 Logolinks, and I think that not only musicians can find something interesting here. I’ll stay tuned and I’ll extend it continuously. Check out my Tweets!

Here are a few examples of how it might look like on your site with original size (height of all Logos: 60px; *.png) and activ link:










What you get?

All (meanwhile over) 900 Logos are available for free download at PPDesign here:

Music Logos Download

Always have a look to the date – update.
This logo package is very convenient for those who use Music Network WordPress Plugin from WP-Wolf.com.
My Music Logos and WP-Plugin works very fine with most WordPress Themes and is easy to customize – check it out.
Hope, that this “Music-Logo-Download-Package” will be very useful for many webmasters worldwide.
Enjoy it!

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2 thoughts on “Music Network Logos Download

    1. webmaster

      Hi SoundDesign,
      the origin idea was actually to create everything black & white. The original colored logos, you can certainly found by Google…

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