About Travel Adapter Plug

Who doesn’t known this problem?

You travel around the world and you need charging akku for smartphone or notebook. Then you see that you have a wrong power connector…
You can’t working on your future project or make some recordings. Shit!
In the past, on my ways around the world I have also many problems with the power connector, because they are today about 22 types used around the world. Since I buy one universal Travel Adapter Plug is this problem (in the most countries) history.

Don’t forget!

Adapters that allow insertion of otherwise mechanically incompatible plugs into sockets are useful for travelers, but, as with multi-standard sockets, may not provide the grounding and polarization intended by a compatible system of plugs and sockets. Travel Adapter Plug is no transformer or frequency converter!
Some musician instruments and hardware need grounding, otherwise it could be dangerous life and your system may produce hum or other unwanted noise.

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