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  • New Design - AudioNetDesign 2018!

    Store wide 50% OFF! - until 05. Januar 2019! Use Coupon CODE: 50%OFF-XMAS-2018
  • AudioNetDesign Shop 2018!

    Store wide 50% OFF! - until 05. Januar 2019! Use Coupon CODE: 50%OFF-XMAS-2018

New Design – AudioNetDesign Shop 2018!

Finally we're back! AudioNetDesign Shop 2018 brings many news with it. After a long time of negotiations with a couple of music partners we could come to an agreement. The old AudioNetDesign Shop would be completely reworked. It was a lot of work on the graphic design and audio files to prepare the old and new articles uniformly. But we are all the more happy that everything worked out so well. Since many new categories have appeared at AudioNetDesign, the whole structure had to be reworked. It wasn't easy to agree which items fit which category best. Especially the audio......

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Music Logos Download

Many Thanks for all Music Logos Creation, great update and support to: PPDesign Switzerland. Maybe you have already visited my “Music Network” page with lots of music logos and direct links to websites. I always wanted to have my own music directory with music hardware, software and tools manufacturers. So I can easily in each category quickly see also relevant equivalents. Sometimes I just forget the name of product or company and I’m eventually focused only on “Google search selections”. Meanwhile, I have extended the Logo Network Directory to over 700 Logolinks, and I think that not only musicians can......

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New product category in Shop - "AudioTracks"
about 3 weeks ago | @AudioNetDesign

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