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In the last years Social Networks plays very important rule in our life.
A own website is like a digital business card and also for any musician, band or studio is of course a must.
Socialmedia therefore serve interactive promotion for any themselves.
You can without one or the other personally to know maintain all contacts worldwide. We can exchange experiences and news around the clock and around the globe in seconds. Certainly therefore have become so popular socialmedia.

  • The world has become just small!

Most people use privately for communication with friends only Facebook or Skype. YouTube channel are more for entertainment. Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram is more or less meant for sharing of private pics & photos. But even Twitter or Google+ can play an important role in the private sphere. For a musician or band is certainly very important YouTube, SoundCloud or MixCloud.
Of course a FanPage on Facebook or Google+ should not be missed and various activities on Facebook or Google+ Communities are highly recommended.

AudioNetDesign On Social Networks

For this reason, I have a few new profiles created in some social networks. You can find AudioNetDesign on:

If you like AudioNetDesign, I would appreciate very much that you follow me, my products or posts “LikeIt”, “TweetIt”, “PinIt”, “+It” and shared by your favorites social networks or put on your favorites list.
Thank you in advance!

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