Who is behind this site?

About Me…

My Artist name is JayKey and I started AudioNetDesign.com Project in 2012 like a private “Home-Audio-Studio” in Switzerland.
I studied Classical music (guitar) in the 70’s. But like any teenager, I also rebelled under the motto: “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll” and tries to play modern music in the 70-s and 80-s. My dream was always to own a small private home music studio and compose my own songs without censorship.
First Studio experiences I’ve got as a small child in radio and television, thanks to my father – editor and journalist in broadcasting. I’ve played like young actor in various movies minor rules. But feeling was stronger for music and I knew that music is my way!
After graduation I’ve played professionally over 10 years with various bands, where I got a lot of Live-Stage experiences.
Meanwhile, and time is running like crazy, I still have those feelings and the need to play music. My heart still beats to make music – as the saying goes: “once musicians – always musicians …” 😉

AudioNetDesign Workplace

Childhood Dream – AudioNetDesign Music Studio

Of course, much has changed in 30 years in the music industry. In 2013 I decided me to realize my Childhood Dream anyway – to have my own little private home music studio.

My private Home-Studio “AudioNetDesign.com” can exist thanks to the support of a couple of professional and anonymous hobby musicians donations, which provide me with the needed hardware infrastructure to handle the site.

About AudioNetDesign works…

I have been composing music since I was 15 years old and I have many ideas. Now compose, play, record, mix and produce everything myself under the Audionetdesign Project.
AudioNetDesign create also Royalty-Free special music libraries, loops, sounds, samples, synthpatches and MIDI templates to help Musician & DJ’s of various music styles like a EDM, Hip-Hop, Chillout, Jazz, Rock, Dance, Trance, Orchestral & Movies make a good music.
AudioNetDesign provides new and interesting ways of accessing samples, sounds, audio tracks, songs, VST-synthesizer patches, effects, MIDI loops & riffs and sell it. AudioNetDesign aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio material released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse partly without charge.
The most of products are Free to download. Please read carefully each “READ ME” File inside package and my Terms Of Use.
Thanks for your download and Enjoy it!
– JayKey –