16x Sound Patches for Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer

16x Sound Patches for Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer

Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer is a software polyphonic synthesizer without keyboard, but very punchy VST-Synth Module. Spire combines powerful sound engine modulation, flexible architecture and user friendly operation.
I recommend everyone who doesn’t heard Spire from Reveal Sound, to listen to at least several demos. In my opinion, Spire is one of the best virtual synth with clear and powerful sound for EDM.
I own dozens of virtual synths, but the Spire is definitely one of my favorite toys. The user interface is very clear and easy to use. I really love these 4 Oscilators with powerfull sound and also the effects section is very impressive.

Really bad that Spire has no graphical keyboard. For the those people who makes music only with the notebook and on the road is determined to miss the keyboard. However, it’s not a big disadvantage, because each professional musicians in studio, live or also hobby/home musician owned a masterkeyboard.
Reveal Sound Spire offers you already 5 Soundbanks (incl. the purchase) very good sounds and also on own website from the third hand of various programmers, artists and studios – Reveal Sound Spire Sounds.
You can surely find on the net hundreds of sounds for Spire – you need only ask our “Old Aunt Google”. 😉
I offer you also a few Spire Synth Patches today for free download – “2014 Spire FREE Synth Patches Vol.1“.

Armin van Buuren:
I love how easy you can make very simple and/or complex sounds in an instant. Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer works very inituitive and I love the distortion & reverb!

What you get?

With the “AND Reveal Sound Spire Pack Vol.1” you get a 16 excellent Reveal Sound Spire VST Synthesizer sound patches for FREE!
You will find in the *.zip file one “AND-Spire-Bank-01.sbf” with following great sounding 16 sound patches (*.spf) programmed by AudioNetDesign:

  • AND Spire-Bass-Pluck-01
  • AND Spire-Bass-Pluck-02
  • AND Spire-Bright-Pluck-01
  • AND Spire-Bright-Pluck-02
  • AND Spire-Drum-Kick-01
  • AND Spire-Drum-Kick-02
  • AND Spire-Drum-Snare-01
  • AND Spire-FatSynth-Lead-01
  • AND Spire-FatSynth-Lead-02
  • AND Spire-FatSynth-Lead-03
  • AND Spire-FatSynth-Lead-04
  • AND Spire-SubBass-Gum-01
  • AND Spire-SynPad-01
  • AND Spire-SynStrings-01
  • AND Spire-SynStrings-02
  • AND Spire-Trance-Organ-01

You can download all patches for free here: DEMO & DOWNLOAD
I hope you have a fun with and for one or the other might be useful.
Please read carefully “READ ME” File inside package and my Terms Of Use! If you have a question, please don’t hesitate and contact me via Email.
Let you inspiring by Reveal Sound Spire sounds & thanks for download.


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2 thoughts on “16x Sound Patches for Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer

  1. Jim Coltre

    Hi, thanks for sharing very interesting and modern soundpatches. I can only recommend for everyone who own RS-Spire. Let me know if you have a new set. mike

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